Shipping vs. Towing a Car

You’ve got several options to choose from if you have to move your car from one location to another. The first option you have is to just drive your car to the destination. Unfortunately, there are times when this option is not possible or practical. Perhaps your car requires maintenance or you are moving to another state. If this is the case, you’ll need help. 

If you need help, car shipping and car towing are the two most common options. Though they might look the same, these two car transport options vary in a couple of ways.  

Today, we’re going to discuss the difference between hiring a car towing company and a car shipping Murrieta, CA company. 

Car Shipping 

While it might sound the same as car towing, car shipping has several crucial differences. For instance, this service is offered for long-distance moving. Cars are in transit for days or weeks at a time during almost every car shipping route.  

Furthermore, you have to make an appointment in advance if you’re planning to ship your car. You also have two options for shipping. This includes covered shipping or uncovered shipping options.  

When Should You Ship a Car? 

Are you planning to move far away from your current location? If so, car shipping is the ideal option for you. The cost of shipping a car can also be a lot cheaper since they can deliver several cars at once.  

Do you have a luxury car that you want to transport? Car shipping companies provide covered options. This option helps protect your luxury car against the elements. Covered shipping is an ideal choice for high-end cars, brand-new cars, or collector’s items.  

To ensure that your car is fully protected during shipment, you should always hire a reliable car shipping company. Make sure you do your research first and read reviews before you hire one.  

Car Towing 

Another option you can choose is towing your car. This is perhaps one of the most common methods of car transportation. A lot of people have probably experienced it. The idea of car towing is simple. Your car is parked on top of a tow truck.  

Though the concept is simple, knowing whether or not car towing is ideal for you need more explanation. You just can’t pick car towing as your main car transportation method. There are factors you need to consider. 

When Should You Tow a Car? 

So, when should you tow a car? In general, towing is an ideal choice if you are only moving on a short distance. Car towing is a cheap option. This is especially true if you’re doing it yourself. All you need to do is to rent a tow truck. Unfortunately, if you don’t have experience towing a car. You might have a hard time maneuvering the tow truck and driving it to the destination.  

To make things simple, you should choose a towing company if you’re only moving from one location to another within your state. However, if you’re planning to move to another state, you need to choose a car shipping company.