How to Manage Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis is a very common concern when it comes to individuals that are older and same goes for older dogs. Even if old age is considered as the most common cause of arthritis or osteoarthritis to be exact, because of the wear and tear through the years, other diseases, infection, cancer can aid in the progression of arthritis.  

More joints can be affected when one is suffering from arthritis. When joints move, they are lubricated for a smoother movement by what is called as synovial fluid. This fluid helps in making sure that there is lesser wear and tear while joints and cartilage brush against each other.  

So, what are the signs that can help in determining arthritis? 

If your dog who was once very energetic and active is somewhat reluctant to play or walk, limping or is showing stiffness when climbing the stairs or when getting up your sofa then maybe your dog is suffering arthritis.  

So how can you help manage the discomfort your dog is in when it comes to him having arthritis? 

  1. Manage your dog’s weight 

Weight is one of the significant aspects when dealing with arthritis. If an animal is obese or overweight, then that animal is more likely to have more stress on his or her joints causing an inflammation in the joints thus if left alone and not managed can progress to arthritis. Thus, if you notice that your dog has become overweight, to prevent any joint problems or inflammation in the future, make sure that you manage your dog’s diet through your veterinarian’s advice. 

2.  Exercise  

Exercise is a vital way to counter arthritis. Regular exercise helps the joints to be more mobile and helps the muscles as well. However, even if exercise is a good way to counter arthritis, some exercise that are extreme or too much exercise can be harmful to the joints as well. As it goes, too much is not good.  

3. Treatments 

Going to your veterinarian regularly not only helps in treating the disease or discomfort your dog or pet is having but also helps prevent any problem that an occur in the future. Asking your veterinarian questions on things that you’ve observed with your dog that is new compared to his usual behavior also helps in determining if there are possible underlying conditions in the behaviors that are new. When it comes to arthritis, it is very important to consult your veterinarian because aspects such as the age of your dog and how the arthritis has progressed, can be tracked more accurately.  

4. CBD 

CBD comes in liquid form however some come in treats. CBD has been known to help with inflammation that’s why it has become beneficial to dogs that are suffering from joint inflammation as well. Perhaps you are trying to search the internet on ‘CBD near me’, is a website that offers CBD options whether it is in liquid form or through treats. Check on the website for more details and options today! 

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